Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 66--November 18-24, 2013

We gained a lot of knowledge about the Big Buddha hike that Tom went on last week. He climbed 3,147 steps. The first 1330 are to the first tower which is the roughest part of the trail.

We assisted Monday evening at the dinner for the Hong Kong Temple presidency by serving and washing the dishes. The dinner came from Coyote Grill which is one of the favorite caterers for dinners at the Church Administration Building.

The branches in our District have been collecting clothes to donate to the Philippines. The sisters in our branch collected three very LARGE, HEAVY bags of clothes weighing about 75 pounds each. We took them to the Wan Chai building for the sorting and packaging by taxi.

We are learning the new system for doing teleconferencing called WebEx. The more we use it the better we will become with it. Learning new things at our age takes longer!

We attended a presentation by Warner Woodworth who teaches at the BYU Marriott Management School. He has started several Non-Governmental Organizations that assist the poor in third world countries to become self-reliant by starting businesses of their own. It was very inspiring and gave us a new focus in our life. We have all we want and more than we need. It was a reminder to us that we have the resources to help lift the poor also.

Sudahkar is in Hong Kong doing an internship with the technology department. He is from Rajamundry, India. He is planning on starting a masters program at Utah State University in January. We hope to see him again when we return home. He served a mission in New Delhi.

 Tom with Warner Woodworth after the presentation. He agreed to send some curriculum materials for teaching the principles of small business start-up and management.

Tom has started working on the next song for the Jacksons who go home in December.

We went to the second installment of the Hunger Games. It was different than what we expected, a good movie. Neither one of us had read the second book.

The Jacksons had us to lunch with the Aardemas as a thank you to us for helping at the dinner on Monday evening.

Tom and Elder Watkins went to Lok Ma Chau which is the last stop on the East Rail Line and where you cross over into Shenzhen, China. They took a couple of pictures and then tried to go back through the turnstiles. It is then they discovered you cannot go back. They had to get the permission of the police officers to return to the MTR station.

The Visiting Teaching Convention was held on Sunday, November 24. This is picture of our Relief Society.

Since this is Thanksgiving Week the sisters asked the missionaries to do a Thanksgiving dinner. We prepared turkey breasts, mashed potatoes with gravy, dressing, broccoli, rolls, cranberries, and pumpkin dump cake. They all loved it. We had plenty of food so some of them took food that would be their breakfast or lunch tomorrow.

After the dinner and cleanup we headed for home. It was pouring rain, and we couldn't get a taxi so we walked to the MTR. We were soaked by the time we got home.

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