Sunday, November 10, 2013

Week 64--November 4-10, 2013

Tom is planning on climbing the steps that go up to Big Buddha the first part of December. He has started doing some training by climbing the stairs at the end of our complex and the stairs at the office where we work each day. At the end of this week he was climbing 700 steps daily.

We have spent a lot of time this week going over the schedule for when Elder Brimhall and Steve Rockwood come to Hong Kong. We have just about every minute they are here planned out but will have to remain flexible as sometimes things don't go as planned. Also things will probably change after Steve Rockwood, Elder Brimhall, and Elder Allan Packer get the itinerary.

Thursday our day began and ended at the temple. We had our monthly session and devotional with the Area Presidency and then our service in the temple that evening. At the devotional we had the opportunity to hear from the Frandsens and the Jacksons who are going home soon and the Clarks who arrived last month.

On Friday Garnalee gave the message at the senior missionary lunch. Her message was about peace we feel through prayer, scriptures, conference talks, and hymns. She talked about her neck surgery and the peace she finally felt through the hymns that were played at the Sacrament meeting a couple of days before her surgery. The hymns gave her the comfort that she was in the Savior's hands and that everything would be okay.

We practiced the farewell song for the Frandsens that Tom wrote to the tune of "The Day Dawn is Breaking."

Saturday morning we went to the movie "Ender's Game" and lunch with several of the other couples. Tom read the book years ago. The special effects were very good.

We had our District Conference this weekend. The Saturday evening session focused on missionary work. One of the speakers talks wherein he said if we are inviting to come to church with us we are doing all that the Lord expects of us and often there won't be a positive result immediately. But it is our responsibility to invite.

President Tai, the District President, tied the typhoon in the Philippines to the storms we all face in life. He reminded us of the places we can find refuge from the storm.

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