Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 63--October 28-November 3, 2013

At our weekly devotional a story was told about a boy who had leukemia who wanted to be a fireman. His Mother just wanted to have him be able to sit in the fire engine. However the Fire Chief said, "We can do better than that." So the boy was allowed to spend the day at the day at the fire house, eat with the fireman, and ride in the engine to calls. Each step along the way the Fire Chief always said, "We can do better than that." We were reminded that we can each do a little better than we think we can.

We had the Aardemas and the Bertins to dinner Monday evening. The Aardemas had just gotten back from being in the US for two weeks and the Bertins will be going home early to fulfill their new assignment as mission president.

Tom has written a farewell song for the Bertins to the tune of "I Will Go Where You Want Me to Go."

We had dinner with Elder and Sister Funk on Tuesday. He is the newest member to the Area Presidency. They decided they wanted to have each of the couples to their home so they could get to know them in a relaxed atmosphere.

We had two conference calls with Steve Tsai, the Asia Area Family History Manager, on Wednesday. The first one was to discuss the visit of Elder Alan Packer, Elder Dennis Brimhall and Steve Rockwood. We discussed things they would like to do while here in Hong Kong such as holding member firesides and visiting with the Temple Presidency. The second call was to discuss Asia Area 2014 goals that we help write.

We had our first practice of the song for the Bertins and Tom has some fine tuning to do.

Thursday was Halloween. I made cookies and Sister Aardema had made lemon meringue pies. Yummy treats for us instead of tricks.  Garnalee's hip was bothering her so she didn't go to the Temple. The new Temple Presidency arrived this week and took the opportunity to introduce themselves.

On Friday Tom counted how many days we have left which is 105. The time has flown by and we have been blessed. We had a conference call with Elder Shirley from the Family History Department. They are now giving the family history missionaries an extra week of training before they are sent to their assigned area. The information we provided last January has been a real help to all of the missionaries.

Elder and Sister Bertin at the farewell lunch. They loved their song.
 On Saturday we decided to go see the movie "Captain Phillips." Garnalee had the time wrong so we had some time to wander. We had been told about Kowloon Park so we went exploring. We discovered this beautiful park with a sculpture garden. Tom is standing next to a three faced statue.

Each sculpture had a  name. This one was titled "Figure." Tom thought it should be "Go Figure."
 Elder and Sister Cowley and Tom standing by a tall sculpture.


This area had many people being lead by an instructor in doing many different types of activities. The people here were walking in a slow circle and they would move their arms from one side to the other.
We enjoyed the movie. It was very intense. Garnalee thinks that Tom Hanks should get an Academy Award for his portrayal.

Tom has finished knitting a sweater vest for Garnalee. He just needs to block it now.

At Church today we had a group of Indonesian members. A group comes to the Temple every year at this time. They attend our Branch because we have a group of Indonesian sisters. They fix Indonesian food for the meal after our block of meetings. Elder Funk attended our meetings because he served a mission to Indonesia in 1971-1973. He knew one of the Indonesian members, Han King Ishar who with two of his friends took seven years to translate the Book of Mormon into Bahasa Indonesian. Elder Funk was able to greet them and visit with them in Indonesian.

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