Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 67--November 25-December 1, 2013

We have a replacement couple for us. They are Dan and Judy Wasson from Washington. They enter the MTC on February 10 and arrive in Hong Kong on February 23. We will overlap with them for two days to do some introductory training with them. We will head for home on February 26. We will travel for a few days into China to Guilan and Xian before heading back to the US.

On Wednesday we did a test call using CISCO Video conferencing and Personal Video Conferencing for our big conference call next week. Everyone was able to join the meeting except the Hollenzers who are in Cambodia.

Tom has been helping pass the Sacrament in the Victoria 2 Branch (the Everyday Branch for the Filipina members) who has no priesthood except for the Branch President and the clerk.

We had a Skype call on Thursday with Holly, Mike, Mason, and Kynlee for our Thanksgiving. It was fun to see them. The kids have really grown. We watched a BYU vs Notre Dame football game during our lunch time so we could have a feel of Thanksgiving.

Garnalee likes to make a cream cheese ball for the Christmas holidays. She made it for the Friday Senior lunch. It was enjoyed by all. We also helped decorate the Church Office Building for Christmas. The senior sister missionaries make cookies or bring candy for all to munch during the decorating. The Chinese men really enjoy the decorating or maybe it is the consuming of the goodies.

We had our Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday with all of the senior missionaries, the Director of Temporal Affairs for Asia, the attorney, a member of the real estate team, and the Area Presidency--basically all of the people from the United States. We had three turkeys with all of the trimmings. There was plenty of food for everyone to take home leftovers.

Elder Ralph and Sister Sheila Aarmeda load their plates with the wonderful offering of food we had.
 Tony Crandall and Jo Carrington getting some of the wonderful food.
 Tom has his plate and is ready to indulge.

 The cranberry salad
 A wonderful lettuce and fruit salad
The table loaded with the bounties of life.

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