Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 62--October 21-27, 2013

Our Family Home Evening was a review of General Conference. Each missionary was asked to pick a special quote from one of the conference talks and explain why it impressed them. We got to recall each of the talks that we had read and analyzed for our assignment for the Area Presidency. We realized that the Spirit touches each person's heart in different ways that will be most meaningful to that person. 

On Tuesday we organized the conference talks into the four area invitations which are members renewing their baptismal covenants, young men receiving the priesthood and preparing for missions, members holding temple recommends, and couples married in the temple and families sealed as requested by the Area Presidency. We were then left with twelve pages and by changing the margins and the font size it was brought down to seven pages. So we are done. Elder Jackson reported to us the Area Presidency was very pleased with the job we had done. 

We spent some time on Wednesday creating a one page lesson for the bishop/branch president to use to introduce the "My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together" booklet. 

Tom finished up the Frandsens' farewell song on Friday. He found out on Friday that he needs to have a song ready for next week for the Bertins. The Bertins have been called as a mission president and wife to start their assignment on July 1. They are going home to spend time with their children before they begin their new assignment. 

Saturday we went to Stanley Market with the Copes. We had an enjoyable time wandering and making a few purchases and then lunch. We always enjoy going to Stanley as it is on the west side of Hong Kong island. It is very quiet and serene there. 

An outcropping of rocks with the high rises in the background. 
After our excursion to Stanley we helped serve a dinner for the Area Seventy and to honor the out going Hong Kong Temple presidency. We served the food and washed the dishes. The Seventy come from various countries of Asia and they were treated to an American meal of BBQ ribs, baked potato with toppings, and Skor cake. Even in Hong Kong you can find BBQ ribs. 

 The crowds on the platform across from us waiting to catch the train to mainland China on Sunday afternoon.

This one is looking to the left and below is the right. Thousands of shoppers come to Hong Kong from mainland China every week.

We met with the four Hong Kong stakes for their quarterly Family History meeting. President Chun reminded everyone that 2014 marks the 65th anniversary of the dedication of Hong Kong for missionary work.  He proposed that 65,000 names be submitted to the during the year. He broke it down that each ward or branch would be challenged to submit 2000 names. A worthy goal to strive to achieve. 

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