Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 59--September 30-October 6, 2013

October 1 was National Day in China which is similar to 4th of July in America. Since it is a holiday the Filippina sisters have the day as a holiday so they come to the Temple. It was an extremely busy day with some of the sisters not being able to attend an ordinance session because they were so full. We wondered if this might be what it will be like at the temples during the millennium. We officiated at the 9 AM session in which there was a group from Thailand. It was a very rewarding day.

Tom has started walking the Promenade as the weather is cooling off. Garnalee isn't walking as she has a foot that is bothering her. Tom encountered about 10 young Americans on the ferry who were headed to the Immigration Building and wondered if they were going in the right direction. He had the opportunity to assure them that they were.

Sister Jackson wanted to go to Stanley to exchange an item. She invited anyone who wanted to go to accompany  her. Garnalee decided to go thinking it was going to be a quick trip out and back. It turned out to be an all day shopping trip. She bought a couple of cute tops and necklaces. Tom stayed at the office and worked away.

Friday was a busy hectic day. We have a new missionary couple in Cambodia. We are trying to help them learn how to use Meeting Place. We weren't successful and decided to just visit with them on Skype. Garnalee visited with them until she had to go Sisters' Institute and then turned them over to Tom to continue answering their questions. Garnalee then went to the Family History Center to help a Filippina sister create an account on Family Search and start to put her information into Family Tree. It was then off to senior luncheon in which Sister Frandsen gave the presentation. She asked us to give our input on the value of SharePoint. Family History is the biggest user of SharePoint. After lunch we helped introduce Annie Wong to SharePoint who will be the program manager when the Frandsens go home in a few weeks.

Tom called his brother Skip on Saturday to wish him a Happy Birthday.

We then went to see "Gravity" with some of the other senior missionaries. The movie theater is housed in the ICC building which is the tallest building in Hong Kong. It wasn't a clear day or we would have gone up to the 100th floor to see the view of Hong Kong and the surrounding islands. Close to the movie theater was an ice rink. We saw young Hong Kong hockey players practicing. Who knew they had hockey in Hong Kong?

Located on one of the levels of the mall was this huge floral decorated chair. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Where is the rabbit hole?

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