Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 60--October 7-13, 2013

It has been a pretty quiet week. We have worked on various projects. We have been keeping very busy. Tom likes to say, "It seems like we've been in Hong Kong three or four months now." In actuality it's been 14 months with only four months left.

Tom has begun working on learning to play the piano. We have a keyboard from our branch at the apartment. He is working on recognizing the notes and getting the timing down. Sister Lasson purchased a piano program from the Distribution Center that Tom is using as a guide.

The Frandsens go home in five weeks so Tom has begun composing a farewell song for them.

We helped with a two-hour presentation on Sharepoint to the secretaries of the various departments.  Family History is the biggest user of Sharepoint in Asia. Because we use it so extensively Sister Frandsen has noted that we are experts and can help train.

This is our General Conference weekend. We went to the Wan Chai building to watch the broadcast. The talks were very inspiring. We receive conference a week after it happens in Salt Lake City to allow time for translation to occur. It was nice to be able to print out the talks and listen with printout in hand to be able to highlight the thoughts we plan to extract for the Area Presidency. This makes us pay close attention as the talks are delivered as we strive to be in tune with the Spirit.

When we arrived last August this area was open harbor.  We understand that the fill has come from excavation of the MTR as they extend the lines. This fill is next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

Originally the harbor was 1.7 miles wide. Today it is just over 0.7 miles. So over the years they have filled in nearly 1 mile of the harbor.

It would be a shame if they fill in the entire harbor because it is such a scenic landscape. This harbor is one of the deepest and most beautiful in the world.

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