Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chinese Wedding--July 1-7, 2013

 Hand Over Day was commemorated on July 1 when Hong Kong  was returned to the People's Republic of China by Great Britain in 1997. We worked in the temple that day even though it was a Monday. The temple was open to accommodate the Filippina sisters who had the day off. Every session was filled to over flowing.

Tuesday we spent a good portion of the morning writing a policy for sharing the family history computers with the full-time missionaries to use for on-line proselyting. The effort is to meet the new directive that was given at the World-wide Broadcast on the Work of Salvation on June 23. It is amazing to see the direction the Church is going and how they are adapting to world changing conditions.

Wednesday we had an early morning conference call with the Family History Department in Salt Lake City to discuss ideas for the upcoming youth conference on July 25.  At 9 am we had a meeting with Elder Gong to give him, Sister Gong, and Jay and Toni Crandall  (the new Director of Temporal Affairs) an overview of Family History work in Asia. We will make the same presentation to Elder Wilson and Elder Funk in a few weeks. At 10 am most of the missionary couples had a meeting with Elder Gong to review the Country Briefs Project we have all been working on. The brief will be used by the Area Presidency to review what has been happening in the countries of Asia. After lunch we worked on the buildings of Hong Kong project we are doing for Elder Gong.

 For dinner we went to Din Tai Fung a world renowned dim sum restaurant.

Here the workers are making dim sum.
 The baskets of dim sum ready to be steamed and in the background the dim sum is being steamed.
After dinner we wandered through 1881 Heritage area. This is the Signal Tower that was used to provide time signals to ships in the harbor.
Former stables at 1881 Heritage that now houses high end shops.
This building at 1881 Heritage was the former Marine Police Headquarters Compound of Hong Kong that was constructed in 1884.
Spiral staircase to the Signal Tower.

We had a 4th of July party at the atrium that is provided for the Area Presidency. We had a wonderful dinner of pulled pork sandwiches along with salads, vegetable tray, fresh fruit, chips, a variety of desserts, and root beer floats. We ended the evening reading historical facts written by school children. They were very entertaining facts.

We mailed two boxes home filled with presents. The cost was $108 USD.

It has been raining. It will be sunny and clear and then it will rain. It happened three times on Saturday.

We attended a Chinese wedding on Saturday. The groom was is an employee for the Church in the auditing department. The bride wore a traditional red dress decorated with gold brocade. The bride and groom both wore jewelry given to them by their grandmothers. After the civil wedding ceremony the bride and groom sat a table with their mothers and all four signed the wedding certificate. The certificate was then given to the bride. The couple then went across the street to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity.

After the wedding we went to Festival Walk for lunch. In the evening we went to dinner at a very authentic Chinese restaurant.

The chicken we ordered came with the chicken head on the platter. Notice the head next to the purple flower.
 After dinner we attended a performance of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra entitled "The Planets."

Every Sunday is always busy with choir practice for Garnalee,  Branch Presidency meeting for Tom, teaching of lessons, and meals after the block with the sisters. It is common for us to have visitors from various countries. Today we had two visitors from Australia.

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