Sunday, June 30, 2013

Treasures leave for Idaho--June 23-30, 2013

On Sunday, June 23, we met with Elder Wong, an Area Seventy, and representatives of the four Hong Kong stakes for the quarterly Family History meeting. One of the subjects of discussion was the upcoming Youth Conference in July. We will have an hour block of time to present ideas on how the youth can be involved in family history. There are lots of new features on Family Tree that will excite the youth.

During the week we spent time working on the English program for Sister Gong and the sites of Hong Kong project  for Elder Gong. We also started kicking around ideas for the Youth Conference.

On Tuesday we spoke in the Vic 2 Branch which is the referred to as the Everyday Branch. After our talks we had training with four full-time missionaries on how to use family history as a teaching tool. They were excited about the fan chart and the ability to add photos on Family Tree. If you haven't been to Family Tree through we recommend that you check it out.

Elder Watson has been working on his family history and has started using Family Tree. He had questions so we were invited to his office to help him.

A new couple has been called to Cambodia for Family History. President Senior wants them to be MLS (Member/Leader Support). We had to write a letter to Elder Gong expressing the need and importance for a Family History couple in Cambodia. We hope we were convincing.

We left early on Friday and went to Stanley to do some shopping with the Aardemas. It is fun to go there as it is away from the city and right on the ocean. We bought some gifts that we will need to ship home. We had dinner at the Pickled Pelican.

When Garnalee checked the emails on Saturday morning, she discovered that Calvin had called and left a message. We were able to call them back and visited with Calvin, Rayola, Roxanne, Leila, Allan, and Ket. It was good to hear their voices and to find out they are all doing well.

Since the HOT weather has arrived we try to find things indoors to do. We decided to go to the movie Man of Steel.

Elder and Sister Treasure are leaving for home tomorrow. President and Sister Chia had their 31st wedding anniversary on June 26. The Filippina sisters sang songs to them and then, of course, had to have their picture taken. They love to sing and have their picture taken. After the picture they served a wonderful meal that they had prepared.

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