Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away--July 15-21, 2013

The rain was heavy Monday morning so everything was moving slowly. It took us longer to get to the office making us a few minutes late for the Monday devotional. It continued to rain throughout the day with some very very heavy showers at times. Two of the senior missionaries were out on the golf course. We just knew they were getting drowned. However, at Family Home Evening they were sunburned and had just gotten sprinkled on a little.

We completed our trip report on our recent trip to India and Malaysia. We felt the trip was very successful since we got to meet with several groups and discuss family history. President Aki, the temple president, discussed the history of the Hong Kong temple and how events came together to accomplish its construction in Family Home Evening.

Tom has been working on calligraphy pictures that say "Families Can Be Together Forever" in Chinese characters. He is going to give one to each of the senior couples. The Chinese employees are impressed that he has been learning to do the calligraphy. We met with Elder Wilson to discuss many family history issues and how the work is going in Asia. We requested another country adviser in India. We were asked to come up with a three year travel plan. The idea is that each of the nine countries where there are Family History Centers will be visited once during the three year cycle. We have visited four countries so we may be done traveling.

We have the opportunity to send the names of families who have been approved from the Temple Assistance Patron Fund on to the senior missionaries so they assist them in preparing family names for their visit to the temple. It is a great opportunity to see the members travel great distances and at great sacrifice to go the temple in Hong Kong or Manila, Philippines.

Tom had his final visit to the eye doctor. Everything was great. He got his prescription and we ordered him new glasses at the one of the many local Lens Crafters. The cost was HK$5000 or US$645.

Garnalee had one of the highlights of the mission on Thursday. All of the sister senior missionaries and the women employees all got together for a lunch. Each women brought a potluck dish. The food was wonderful with salads, Chinese dishes, and desserts. Each of the women was given the name of another woman to interview and introduce at the luncheon. We found out where each person was from, what their job is in the building, something that no one else would know about them, what your favorite hobby or free activity is, and something they want to accomplish in the future. It was fun to get to know each of the sisters we interact with each day. I will post pictures from the lunch next week.

We developed an itinerary for Candace Turpin, the Family History person, who is coming for the Youth Conference next week. We are going to keep her very busy for the six days she is in Hong Kong.

We finally got Elder Gong's building project all completed and printed. We will spiral bind them on Monday.

We went to see the new transformer movie, "Pacific Rim." It was very good with a good lesson to be learned that if you work together you will be successful. The special effects were great. Part of the movie was filmed in Hong Kong so could recognize the skyline. We didn't recognize the neighborhood where one part of the story was filmed.

The English program we worked on for Sister Gong is being piloted now. Tom attended the class on Saturday evening to see how things were going. He felt the class went very well, and the students were engaged and enjoyed the class. He visited with an older, retired lady who asked him to come back next week.

We have been amazed throughout the week at how quickly the rain showers can move in. We got on the ferry on the Hong Kong side and by the time we got to the Kowloon side the rain had started and was to heavy we couldn't see any of the buildings on the island. We were drenched by the time we walked to the shuttle to take us to our apartment.

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