Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hot Weather--July 8-14, 2013

We finished the project for Elder Gong and realized it will be a great memento for all of the senior missionaries. We learned a lot of things about buildings in Hong Kong. It ended up being 33 pages long. We're sure that is a lot longer than Elder Gong had intended but he didn't say anything about the length when we presented the finished copy to him. He was very pleased with our end product.

We had a conference call with Candace Turpin, a Family Search employee, to discuss plans about the upcoming Youth Conference. She will be coming to Hong Kong to help with the conference.

Tom has been working on another farewell song. He has always wanted to be a writer. Maybe this is his opportunity. He has a real talent for rhyming the verses and making a great song. He got carried away with this song and it has 14 verses. "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" only has seven verses!

Tom needed to change belts on a microfilm reader in the Family History Center. However he needed a 9/64 Allen wrench but been unable to find one. One of the security guards tried to sand down a 5/32 wrench but it didn't work. After two weeks he finally found one in a shop we passed after we had eaten dinner on our way to the temple.

Saturday morning Sister Aardema called to say she had an appointment with a Filippina sister for us to get our hair cut. She said will go and have an adventure. Finding the beauty shop was an adventure. When we got to the shop it was a little, dinky, phone booth sized shop that was filled with clothes. Apparently the stylist also sells clothes on the side. After she started cutting Garnalee's hair we decided that she never had any formal training, she just decided to cut hair because she likes to do that sort of thing. I think my hair is too short, but Tom likes it. Sister Aardema had to stop her from cutting any more off the top as she was getting it too short. After the haircut we went to Ikea and then to dinner. We went to Din Tai Fung which we have decided it our favorite Chinese restaurant here.

The weather has been really hot so we try to find things indoor to do. So we don't have any pictures this week. With the humidity it felt like it was 106 degrees.

Tom gave a training session Sunday in Branch Council on the role of council members. Garnalee was invited to do a Family History presentation in the Kwai Fong branch Relief Society Enrichment meeting.

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