Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week 68--December 2-8, 2013

We had a fun time in Family Home Evening this playing games with the other senior missionary couples. In one game we each had to put a plate on our head  and follow directions to draw a Christmas picture. We were given points for correctly placing the items described. If you haven't done this it is quite a challenge.
In another game we were each an animal. We clapped our hands in a rhythm and would say the name of an animal. The person who was that animal would have to say their animal name and then the name of another animal to pass it on. This had to be done while keeping the hands going to the rhythm that established. It really boggled the mind.
After the activity we had ice cream sundaes.

We have been asked to write an article for the Liahona magazine based on the Asia Area 2014 Initiatives  in Family History. We will have to get started on that this week.

Lunch with the Area Presidency and Elder Wong

Part of the fireside attendees
Steve Rockwood, Elder  Wilson, President Chun, Elder  Brimhall
We spent Thursday and Friday with Dennis Brimhall, managing director of Family Search; Steve Rockwood, International Director for Family Search; Hashick Hong, Multi-Area Asia Family History Manger; and Steve Tsai, Asia Area Family History Manger. We met with the Hong Kong Temple President and recorder. They shared with us that the patrons provide 90% of the names that are done in the Hong Kong Temple. We had lunch from Crystal Jade with the Area Presidency. We had a wonderful member fireside followed by a meeting for all members who have a family history responsibility. We were afraid there wouldn't be very many at the meetings but there around 160. The message that was delivered was on stories and how stories can turn our hearts to our ancestors. The members were introduced to putting stories and photos on Family Search. Family Search is a great place to store information that will never be lost or destroyed through time.

Friday we had a very productive three hour training with all of the Family History missionaries in the Asia area. Again the message was on how to use stories to help the members turn their hearts. There are only 2% of the membership of the Church doing family history work. The inspiration is that through the sharing of stories and the gathering of living memory that the other 98% will have their hearts turned and will have a desire to do family history. The new "My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together" booklet was introduced to the missionaries and ideas on using it with the members. The idea is that in areas where people don't have computers or don't want to use computers they can still gather the stories in paper form. Then the family history consultant can put the stories on Family Search.

On the ferry heading to TST to Din Tai Fung for dinner.

Front row L to R: Steve Tsai, Garnalee, Tom, Steve Rockwood, Elder Dennis Brimhall
Back row L to R: Hashick Hong and Danny Chin
At the Peak: Dennis Brimhall, Hashick Hong, Steve Rockwood
At the Peak: Steve Tsai and Steve Rockwood.

After visiting the Peak we attended Sacrament meeting in Victoria 2 (the Everyday Branch).

Saturday we went to Disneyland Hong Kong. Mickey was there to great you as you enter the park. We had fun on the rides and enjoying the fireworks. Not near as big as Disneyland in the US but it was a fun day.
Tarzan's Tree House
A beautiful December day in Hong Kong.
Scrabble tiles used to let you know where the toilets are located.
 One of the floats from the parade.
Little girls throughout the park were dressed as Snow White. They all were so adorable.

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