Sunday, April 28, 2013

All work no photos--April 21-28, 2013

We have found coconut tarts that we really like here. Garnalee is  going to have to see if she can find a recipe when she gets home. A coconut tart is kind of like a macaroon in a pie crust. They are really yummy.

Each Monday we have a devotional for all of the senior missionaries and employees. We all take turns fulling the assignments. This week is was Garnalee's turn to conduct. Tom redid his map of Asia showing all of the Family History Centers and added the new centers that we have approved since we arrived in Choibalsan, Mongolia and Sibu and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

We have been designated as trainers for Share Point which is a storage program similar to Drop  Box that is used by the Church. We spent time training Elder Dodson and Sister Aardema hos to use the program and upload documents.

We met with Elder Wilson for our monthly meeting. He shared with us information that he received from the Family History Department prior to General Conference. We have lots of work to do as one of the facts given to him was that 98% of the members outside the United States have not uploaded their four generation information. So we will be encouraging the other family history senior missionaries and the consultants to work with members in accomplishing this task. At that meeting Elder Wilson also approved our trip request for training to Hyderabad, India, and helping with a Family History Open House in Ipoh, Malaysia. We have to apply for a visa to India. Hopefully it will be granted.

One of the things that can make us feel at home is to discover there is a Melaleuca store in Hong Kong. We visited the store with one of the other sisters who is a member and purchased some items with which we are familiar. However, we couldn't purchase multi-vitamins from them as they are not allowed to sell them in Hong Kong.

We had District Conference this weekend so we didn't go site seeing. However, Ironman 3 was released in Hong Kong on April 25 so we decided to go see that Saturday morning. It was a great movie. We then spent Saturday evening and Sunday being instructed by our District leadership. Our District conference started with a Social on Saturday evening. We had taco salad, brownies, and fruit. Saturday evenings messages all centered on obedience. Tom attended Priesthood leadership on Sunday morning. Sunday's messages were on conversion and preparation for various life events. After District conference there was Auxiliary training. We gave a training on using Family Tree to the Family History consultants.

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