Sunday, April 14, 2013

Conference Week--April 7-14, 2013

At our Monday devotional Sister Frandsen was the speaker. She titled her talk "It's a Miracle." She told of some of the accidents that her daughters had and it was a miracle that they had survived. She also told of the miracle of the missionaries finding her when she was searching for a church. It was miracle that she and her husband meet because he was from Utah and she from Connecticut. Garnalee was so touched by her talk that that evening she reflected in her journal on some of the miracles that  have happened in her life. Such as Tom and Garnalee meeting just before the Single's Ward was disbanded in Idaho Falls. Scott surviving two very serious illnesses and being struck by lightening. We encourage each of you to take some time and reflect on the miracles that have happened in your lives.

The Aardemas from Odgen, Utah arrived to take the place of the Whiteheads as the Area Auditors. He is a former school administrator and she ran her own preschool. They served as the mission president in Slovenia. We hosted the Aardemas for dinner with Castletons on Wednesday.

Tom approves all of the travel budgets for the family history couples in Asia and updated all of the accounts and sent them out to the missionaries.

We spent the week reading the conference talks so we could extract quotes from them to put together a document that will be used by the Area Presidency and Seventy for talks and training as they travel around Asia. We finished up on Friday just before lunch.

Elder and Sister Kelly at the Farewell Luncheon. Their song was to "If I Only Had a Brain" from the "Wizard of Oz. Sister Woolley completed the editing of that song.
Elder and Sister Whitehead at the Farewell Luncheon. Their song was to the "Flintstones." Tom completed the editing of their song. His talent is really shining when it comes to putting words to a song.
Some of the group at the luncheon.

On Friday Tom bought a 1933 King George V one-cent Hong Kong coin for $10 HK. That is 1000 times the face value of the coin but Tom says it's a nice looking coin. When he asked about the coin at the shop, the clerk pulled out a large bag containing 1000 coins (Tom estimated). So they are not as rare as he thought.

Saturday and Sunday we spent viewing General Conference at the Wan Chai building.

Tom checks his Pro-time every Sunday morning. Today it was 2.7 which is excellent.  His health has been very good while we have been on our mission, considering that just prior to our mission there was some doubt that we would be able to go at all. Our stake president gave Tom a blessing as we entered the mission. In that blessing he promised Tom that his health would not be a concern. It has truly been a miracle that his health has been so good and the promised blessing is being fulfilled.

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