Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Day/ Andrea Bocelli--April 29-May 5, 2013

We had our pictures taken to attach to our visa for India. We are hopeful that the visa arrives before our scheduled trip. If not then we will have to delay our trip.

We visited with an ophthalmologist this week as the vision in Tom's left eye was getting blurry. The cataract had gotten worse so we scheduled the surgery for May 8. This doctor came highly recommended from the Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City.

May 1 is Labor Day in Hong Kong and a holiday. We volunteered to serve in the temple that day as many of the Chinese workers weren't available to serve. In our session there was a 91-year-old man from Thailand who came to receive his own endowment. He was very frail but his spirit was strong. Garnalee was treated to a late birthday lunch with Sisters Gong and Wilson, the wives of the Area Presidency.

 We had a May Day Relief Society Meeting. Each of the branches prepared a dance to perform. Dinner was served after the dances and each of the branches prepared a dish to share with everyone.

Discovery Bay Hawaiian Hula
 Peninsula 3
The best branch in Hong Kong Peninsula 2 performing their dance.

Our branch prepared a meat and vegetable concoction that was placed in a won ton wrap and then wrapped in tin foil and steamed. It was very good.
Mandarin Branch Fan Dance

Thursday morning was chilly and windy. The first Thursday of each month is always a spiritual feast as we attend the temple with the Area Presidency and all the area senior missionary couples. Tom and Garnalee were assigned to be the officiators for the session.  The temple session is followed by a testimony meeting in another room of the temple. It was Sister Hamilton's last testimony meeting and the first for the Aardemas and the Gregorys. All five bore their testimonies. We then returned to the temple in the evening for our regular assignment.

We are trying to find a way for the members coming to the Hong Kong Temple to come prepared with their ancestors names ready to go. In a conversation with Elder Wilson we decided to try sending the names of the members who are coming to the Temple to the Family History Missionaries in their country so they receive the assistance they need. If there isn't a missionary in the country where the member is coming from then we will send the members names to the Country Adviser for help.

After a busy day at the office we attended the Andrea Bocelli concert for which we had purchased tickets a couple of months ago. It was a wonderful show. He was backed up by a wonderful symphony orchestra and choir. Our only regret was none of his songs was in English. Tom understood the one in Spanish and could pick out words from the Italian. However Garnalee decided you didn't need to understand the language to feel the emotion to the music. What an amazing voice he has! What really impressed us was how long he could hold a single note.

After three long days we slept in on Saturday morning and had a relaxing day.

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