Sunday, March 24, 2013

Temple Blessings and Monkey Mountain--March 18-24, 2013

Meat is very expense here and sometimes the quality is suspect if purchased in a n open air market which we haven't done. Sister Treasure knew of a meat company in Aberdeen (not Idaho) that she had ordered meat from previously and she raved about the quality. So, several of the sisters ordered meat. We were able to order lean ground beef, beef roasts, ham, pork loin roasts, boneless turkey breasts, cheese, and bacon. The total cost was $4960, our portion was $1225 which is about US $153. I fixed one of our pork loin roasts for dinner on Wednesday and it was yummy.

Garnalee has been fighting a cold that seems to be going around the office. Many have had colds or a vicious intestinal virus. We were told that you know we are living in a petri dish here in Hong Kong.

We met with the Hong Kong Temple president, President Aki, Sister Aki, and the Temple Recorder, Brother Lee, trying to address the problem of people coming from other countries and needing help with preparing their own ancestors names for the temple work to be done. There is a Family History Center in the basement of the temple that is not being used because people in Hong Kong have home computers and can do the work at home. The Center is not convenient for the temple to use so it is going to be closed. We recommended that one of the computers be moved upstairs for patron use but that is dependent upon approval. We also discussed moving a computer across the street to Patron Housing for easier access by patrons from far away countries.

We watched a training video on changes in family history. Rather being called Family History Centers they're being called Discovery Centers. The hope is that people will connect to their ancestors through discovering stories about them and realize they are real people with real stories rather than just a name and a date on paper. A 19 year old consultant was shown helping one the families learn about their ancestor and then use the Church's new software to upload stories and pictures.

Tom is working on the lyrics for the going away songs for the Kellys and the Whiteheads. He is so good at it that Elder Jackson calls him Robert Frost.

Tom has had to have his suits that he ordered last fall altered. The Chinese food and all other types is agreeing with him too much.

The Ho family are receiving "both halves" of the  blessing. The Hos have four children, three of which are in the picture. The oldest is a girl, Melody, who leaves next week for a mission in Sydney, Australia. There are three boys aged 19, 18, and 16. The 19 year old (the boy in glasses) leaves on his mission to London, England on April 4. The 18 year old is going to submit his papers as soon as he completes his graduation exams. That will be three children in the mission field at one time. Tom witnessed the boys being baptized for 65 of their ancestors and the daughter and mother were baptized for about 100 more. What great blessings for a beautiful family. They are worthy of an Ensign article.

 For our Saturday P-day activity we decided to go to Monkey Mountain. We invited the Cowleys to go with us. The monkeys roam free around this mountain. There is an estimated population of 200+ monkeys in this area. This monkey was sitting on the fence as we arrived.
Mama monkey looking for fleas on her baby.
Elder and Sister Cowley taking a picture of the mama monkey and her young.We walked a tree trail that identified many of the unusual trees in China. The Monkey Mountain reserve is adjacent to Kowloon and Shek Lei Pui Reservoirs. We concluded our day with lunch at Pizza Hut and a marvelous cream puff from Choux Creme.

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