Monday, March 11, 2013

New Responsibilities--March 4-11, 2013

Garnalee and some of the other sister missionaries went shopping at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok at the end of the day. This area is very typical Hong Kong with lots of people milling around on the streets. This corner food booth had lots of people lined up to make a purchase. We couldn't figure out what they were eating but the smell was disgusting. We had the unfortunate experience walking by this area twice.
 In Mong Kok there are always street performers.These two guys were juggling balls on their necks and feet.

 A picture of all the signs visible down the street.
Sister Alane Watkins and Sister Cowley are sure happy with their purchases.
Sister Marsha Castleton and I are also happy with the purchases we made.

Tom was home busily writing a farewell poem for Elder Doug and Sister Linda Parry. They are going home early for treatment after it was discovered that she had cancer. Tom has a real talent for writing that has been discovered by Sister Jenna Jackson.

The Family History senior missionary couple in Indonesia, the Knorpps, have a son who with his wife adopted two mainland Chinese girls ages six and nine. The Indonesian Knorpps were fearful that their son who had never been to Hong Kong might have difficulty getting to the airport and exchanging his money. They asked us to meet their son and stir him in right direction which we were glad to do.

Elder Gong and President Aki asked us if we would be available each Tuesday morning to be at the family history center at the temple to assist members who travel from other countries to the temple throughout Asia. We will help them in inputting names into Family Tree so that the names can be cleared for the members to do the ordinances for their ancestors. What a great opportunity that will be for us!

Garnalee had the opportunity to attend the A.S.I.A. Women's Conference that was held in Hong Kong. 199 women from 12 countries traveled to Hong Kong for the conference. We had the opportunity to hear Sister Lesa Stevenson whose husband is the Presiding Bishop of the Church, Sister Julie B. Beck, Elder and Sister Gong, and Elder and Sister Wilson. We were definitely spiritually fed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sister Julie Beck spoke about the publication Daughters in My Kingdom. It gave me insight into the importance of that book.

Sisters working on the service project of fleece blankets to be donated to the Hong Kong Crossroads Foundation for distribution in relief efforts around the world. These blankets are in high demand and much needed by children and families everywhere.

Tom celebrated his 66 birthday this week. Garnalee took him out for a birthday dinner.

 Tom was born in the Year of the Pig. We pass this pig everyday on our way to work as we walk the Promenade. He was to find a pig bigger than he is.

Along the Promenade they have stars for famous Chinese actors and actresses like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. They actually have a like size bronze statue of Bruce Lee. They also have these bronze statues of a movie production crew. Tom decided that Garnalee should be the star of the movie so he took her picture. Move over Sandra Bullock here I come!

We have been asked to select quotes from each of the speakers at the upcoming General Conference that will be used by the Area Presidency and Area Seventies.So we will have to watch and listen closely to conference.

Garnalee has been given a new calling in the Branch. She will be teaching the Gospel Doctrine class to the single Filippina sisters.

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