Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Busy Week--March 11-17, 2013

 Sunday, March 10, we had a Relief Society  Fireside in which President and Sister Berrett spoke on the doctrine of Christ from 2 Nephi 31. President Berrett has been the Church's attorney for the Asia Area. He and his wife have been called to be the India Bangalore Mission President.

Monday we spent the day day preparing for our meeting with Elder Wilson on Tuesday. We meet with him once a month to report on Family History in the Asia Area. On Tuesday we bid farewell to Doug and Linda Parry who are going home for her cancer treatment. On Wednesday we meet with Elder Wong about Family History work in Hong Kong and getting some direction from him on how we might help get family history work going in Hong Kong. We also celebrated Garnalee's birthday. She went to lunch with some of the other sisters. Tom took her out to dinner at Outback. He purchased her a cute birthday card with singing cows that sang her "Happy Birthday." I think that was the first time cows have sung to me!

Thursday morning we met again with Elder Wilson to share with him our conversation with Elder Wong, the Area Seventy for Hong Kong. After that meeting Tom decided to type in detail what we wanted to share with the Family History missionaries throughout Asia in our weekly call. We have decided to do this as it seems that at least one couple and sometimes more are unable to attend our conference call because of other commitments. We need to make sure that they are given the information we discuss and this is a good way of doing that. After work we grabbed a quick sandwich and soup and then went to our temple assignment.  The temple recorder, Brother Lee, asked us to come on Tuesday to start converting 10,000 names from PAF to New Family Search so the work can be done. Most of these names will be in Chinese so we will have to see how that goes. 

On Saturday we went to lunch with several other couples before we went to the "The Sleeping Beauty" ballet. Only two men went along with eight sisters. The music and set were both beautiful.

 Sister Whitehead, Sister Castleton, Elder Castleson, and Elder Treasure at our lunch before the ballet.
 Sister Cowley and Sister Watkins at the lunch.
 Tom and Garnalee at the lunch.
 Elder and Sister Treasure at the lunch. They are from Idaho Falls and live in Roy's ward.
 This moose head was hanging above our head at the restaurant where we had lunch.
 There is an area along the Promenade where a stage can be set up for performances. There was a student talent show we stopped to watch for a few minutes. The jumbo tron in the back was an array of at least 100 computers that simulcast the children's performances onto a 10 foot by 15 foot LED display.
The groups we got to see were kindergarten age. We couldn't resist taking a picture of one them.

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