Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ocean Park--January 21-27, 2013

As we work in Asia it is humbling to hear of the sacrifices and journey that the members from other areas of Asia make to come to the Hong Kong Temple. The saints in Mongolia have a three day train ride each way. They have to bring their own food and bedding as they aren't provided on the train. We were told of one couple who sold their wedding rings and put the money into their temple fund. Another family went without lunch each day and put that money into their temple fund. We are truly blessed to live close to a temple.

Our week was spent finishing up the training packet we created for the new Family History missionary couples. We had hoped to use it during the layover of the Moulders who are going to be in the Singapore/Malaysia mission. However, their flight was changed and instead of coming to Hong Kong they were routed through Toyko. We were very sad to learn that.

Garnalee went shopping at the Ladies Market . On the street this women was writing Chinese characters on a large plastic sheet with white sand. She poured the sand between her fingers as she created the characters. It was fascinating to watch.
The new purses purchased at the Ladies Market.
Elder Li and Elder Smith have been working on our floor with a Public Relations project using the Internet. They post a weekly uplifting, spiritual thought for those who have signed up to receive it. Elder Smith was going home and so several of the couples took them out for a farewell lunch. They choose to go to The Flying Pan, a Chinese version of IHOP. As usual, elders can eat a huge amount of food. On their plates you will find a waffle, a huge pancake, a piece of French toast, bacon, ham, sausage, and two eggs. If all disappeared.
 The whole group at The Flying Pan. We think it is really frying pan but they can't say the "r" very well so they made it flying pan.
On our P-day, Saturday, we went to Ocean Park, a large amusement park popular in Hong Kong. Sister Hamilton took our picture in the tram as we crossed the mountain to the other side of Ocean Park. Senior citizens, like Tom, are free but I had to pay $280.
The Giant Panda having a lunch of bamboo shoots.

The view from the top of The Tower ride in Ocean Park. Our favorite attraction was the Grand Aquarium. They had 400 species of fish. There was one large area that had Hammerhead sharks and many other types of fish. The glass in the tanks was nearly two feet thick. It was beautiful. We weren't able to take flash pictures so we didn't get any pictures in the aquarium. After the Ocean Park we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse with six other missionary couples.We were all going to see the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra perfrom a show called  Classic Broadway. It was a selection of songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals including: The Sound of Music, South Pacific, The King and I, Carousel, and Oklahoma. The vocalists were from Broadway in New York City.  That is the fullest P-day we have had.

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