Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lamma Island--January 28-February 3, 2013

We spent Monday answering emails. As support missionaries we answer questions and recommend plans of action.

We have started drinking 2 teaspoons of unprocessed honey and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon mixed in mug of hot water just before bed. This drink is supposed to promote a better night's sleep. We will see how it works. Garnalee did some additional research and found that the drink is also good for weight lose. It is supposed to block the absorption of fat. We have noticed a difference in our desire for sugar.

Tom worked on his Priesthood lesson for Sunday. As the Elder's Quorum president he gets to choose the topic of the lesson on the first Sunday.  He decided to do it on fasting. He started on the spiritual side but also wanted to discuss the physiological benefits.

As we attend the temple each Thursday we have the opportunity to do the ordinance work for Tom's ancestors. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer those ordinances to others who didn't have that opportunity in this life.

We had the opportunity to do service on Friday. The Assistant Area Auditors were in Hong Kong for a training session. We helped to set up, serve, and clean up after the 25 attendees. We rode the ferry across the harbor and arrived in time to see the Symphony of Lights that is performed each night at 8 pm. There are laser lights on both sides of the harbor that are choreographed to music. It is an amazing show to see.

Chinese New Year starts next Sunday. There is a big parade where seats can be bought in bleachers. The tickets went on sale Saturday morning but you have to arrive early to get in line. Tom was all set to go buy tickets for us at 4:30 am but when he got up and said his prayers he asked if this was something we should participate in since it would be on a Sunday. He received an immediate answer that said, "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy." So he climbed back into bed. Next year Chinese New Year starts on a Friday so we will go then.

We spent Saturday afternoon visiting Lamma Island. Lamma Island is the third largest island in the archipelago that makes up Hong Kong. This island has no motorized transportation on it so is very quiet and peaceful. We landed on the north side and walked to the southeast area of the island. This is the village of Yung Shue Wan where we arrived from Hong Kong.
 As we walked along the trail we came to a beach area on the island. There were people swimming int he water.
This is the Lamma Island Power Plant.
Looking out  at the South China Sea from the top of the hill on Lamma Island.
As we neared the end of our 3 mile trek above Sok Kwu Wan we saw the fish farms. This side of the island has many seafood restaurants and are known for the seafood they produce.  There was a hut on each of the farms where the family lived.
 The clothes drying and the mode of transportation on Lamma Island.

A small Chinese garden with a scarecrow protecting the produce. There was also many plastic grocery bags, balls of aluminum foil, plastic bottles, and baskets, all in an effort to discourage the birds. This is an example of the many garden plots that we saw.

We think that other Senior Missionaries will enjoy the outing to Lamma Island in two weeks as much as we did.

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