Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nan Lian Gardens--January 14-20, 2013

Last Sunday, January 13, we were honored in the Branch for celebrating our 10th anniversary. They sang songs to us and gave Garnalee roses. They also honored Elder and Sister Kesler who are returning home at the end of January. We all sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" to them.

We had a new couple, Elder and Sister Dodson, arrive to take the place of  Elder and Sister Meehan. When a new couple arrives we stock their apartment with food items and provide them with dinner for several nights. We took them out to dinner on Tuesday evening.

We helped with a special project for Elder Gong this week. If the project is successful then if will be an important step in the work in Asia.

We have continued to work on the orientation guide we are developing for the new missionaries that arrive in Asia. Our test couple will have an eight hour lay-over in Hong Kong on Thursday as they head to the Singapore/Malaysia Mission. We will go to the airport to meet them; give them some brief training, as they will have jet-lag; take them to lunch; and maybe one sight seeing  trip. We will deliver the guide to them to review and use in Singapore.

Our monthly Senior Couple activity on January 19 was to Nan Lian Gardens. Front row L-R: Elder Victor, Elder Treasure, Sister Treasure, Sister Hamilton, Siter Heaps, Sister Kelly, Sister Watkins, Sister Castleton, Sister Jackson. Back row L-R: Sister Victor, Elder Harrington,l Sister Harrington, Elder Heaps, Elder Kelly, Elder Watkins, Elder Castleton, Elder Parry. Nan Lian Gardens is an area where every piece of land, rocks, trees, and water are placed according to the rules of Tang style. It was a very beautiful, peaceful, and quiet area.
 This worker is trimming each branch of the tree by hand.
 Tom in one of the areas of the garden.
 Tom and Garnalee at the pagoda.
Located across the street from Nan Lian Gardens is Chi Lin Nunnery, a large Buddhist temple, that was founded in 1934. The temple is built without the use of any iron nails and is the only style found in modern day Hong Kong.
 This is one of the large statues found at the Nunnery. There six of this type of statue located in the Nunnery. Each statue represented a different godly trait.
 One of the displays at the Garden was a rock garden. They were shipped down from China because of their unusual shape. Because of their unusual shape they are a great attraction. One buildings in the Garden has been dedicated to the display of the rocks.
Tom is always fascinated by bonsai trees so he took this picture. He wonders if the bonsai tree he bought before we came on our mission will grow this big.

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