Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 56--September 9-15, 2013

We start each Monday morning with a spiritual devotional. True to that format Brother Floyd Ko told a story that we had heard before. It was about a box of crayons that was compared it the trials we have. We don't get to pick our trails just like our favorite color of crayon may not be it the box to pick. We have to do the best we can and learn from those trails we given.

Our Family Home Evening with the other senior missionaries was sharing stories that have built your testimony or helped you to see the hand of the Lord in your life.

We have Country (Area) Advisers in countries in Asia where the church is established and growing. There were some guidelines developed by previous missionary couples because there weren't any from the Church. We decided that those guidelines needed to be updated with reference to materials from the Church that are now available to help them in their calling.

We have been working on several different projects so our plate is full. It seems that we complete one and get another added so the time is flying by. We feel a lot of pressure to get things done during our remaining five months. Elder Jackson asked us again to digest the conference addresses that are used extensively the Area Presidency and Area Seventy.

We are working on recording some information for the missionaries that will follow us. We want to give them as much information as we can so hopefully they will be able to hit the ground running.

We went to Central for dinner at Nico's on Friday. Nicos' is in what is called the Mid-Levels. To get there you ride on three travelators and several escalators. The travelator is a moving walkway and is the longest in the world. In the morning the travelator goes down the hill and switches to going up hill at 10 AM. To get back down you have to walk on a steep walkway and stairs. Sister Watkins is the beautiful, smiling blonde. It was their one year anniversary in the mission field. So they invited all the senior couples to celebrate with them.

We saw on Facebook a posting from Traci about all the flooding in Colorado. They had 15 inches of rain in a week which is a year's worth of moisture. We were very concerned about them and their safety. They are safe and only experienced minor flooding to their basement. It was amazing to see the pictures on TV. It reminded us of the Teton Dam flooding.

Garnalee spent time with one of the consultants from the Everyday Branch training her on using Family Tree. Working with the Filappina sisters is the only time we get to interact with members and help them with family history. Tom went to the temple to take pictures of the first floor family history center.

We had our Branch Conference on Sunday and came away with wonderful advice from our branch and district presidents. President Chai spoke on the 5 "Cs" of the world--cash, car, condo, credit card, and country club membership. As Church members we should be concerned about 5 different "Cs". They are being a christian christian, showing compassion, caring, commitment, and charity. President Tai spoke on 3 "Ds" of doubt of self worth, doubt of ability, and doubt of the existence of hope. He mentioned enjoying watching his children play sports but also the parents who rush in with a towel, a drink, and words of encouragement. Heavenly Father feels the same way about each of us.

Tom had the opportunity to perform the baptism for a new convert in our Branch. She has been taught by the sister missionaries.

Left to right: Brother Fullwood, the Branch mission leader;  Sister Lapaz; Sister Polidario; Sister Mauricia Abad; Sister Mabunga; Sister Lopez; and Elder Harrington.

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