Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 55--September 2-8, 2013

Tom has decided to learn some of the temple ordinances in Cantonese. He is very dedicated to learning new things. He is practicing the Cantonese tones again.

We spent Tuesday morning and early afternoon at HoManTin trying to get the computers up and running with the Family History information. We waited in front of our complex for 45 minutes trying to catch a taxi. We finally gave up and walked to Hung Hom to try to get a taxi there. No luck! So we decided to take the MTR and walk the mile to the church. We finally got the computers to work. We then scurried off to the Church Administration Building for a meeting with the four new Asia Area Mission Presidents. We had the opportunity to meet with each couple and make a brief presentation about how family history can be a valuable tool for the missionaries. Our impression was that they are all already on board for using family history in missionary work.

We had the opportunity to help serve dinner to all ten Asia Area Mission Presidents. Sister Jenna Jackson is the assistant to the executive secretary and planner of all the meals. She goes out of her way to make the mission presidents feel special for the few days they are here. Tom was a life saver as he spent about 1 1/2 hours washing ALL the dishes.

We had Wednesday dinner with the Aardemas and the new couple, the Sullivans. They will be doing public relations work with the four stakes in Hong Kong. We had real mashed potatoes and gravy, pork roast, veggies, rolls, and coconut cream pie.  So yummy!!

We had the opportunity to do temple work for names of some individuals that were sent to us by Naresh Godi, family history country adviser in India. We have meet wonderful people in our travels whom we have grown to love.

Garnalee had a special experience working with one of Indonesian sisters Sunday. She hadn't been able to get into her LDS account for over a year because she wasn't sure of her user name or password. She had switched branches because her day off changed and wasn't sure who to ask for help. Then she came back to Pen 2 about three months. Her records hadn't caught up with her. Last Sunday we tried and weren't successful. Garnalee took her membership number and called family history support and got her user name. Then today they reset her password. When she logged in and saw her family in Family Tree she got very emotional and started to cry. She thought she had lost her family and wouldn't be able to recover the information. On top of that she got her temple recommend renewed today, so she had a very spiritual and rewarding day. I am glad I was a part of that small miracle for her.

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