Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 53--August 19-25, 2013

We have new Country Advisers in Mongolia and Northern India. We will need to give them training for their calling. Their responsibility will be to work with the leaders in recognizing the resource family history can be in strengthening the members.

Tuesday Beyond 5 arrived in Hong Kong after months of preparation by Sisters Frandsen and Castleton. The tour is visiting various countries in Asia. Their goal is to provide clean, uplifting modern music for the youth.  Of course all the girls went crazy for the boys. The concerts were free and is a launch for what appears to be a bright future for this boy band.
 Beyond 5 visited the Asia Area Office. They sang the last verse of "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing." The a Capella, close harmony rendition was very well received by the office staff. The boys range in age from 15-18.  After they are famous we will be able to say, "We knew them when ...."
From left to right are: Patch, Tanner, T.J., Zach,and Ammon.

After the show we went to Crystal Jade, a Chinese restaurant, for a variety of wonderful food. We then stopped at Hagen Daz for cones.

We are working on re-imaging new computers with family history software. It is not going as smoothly as we had expected and hoped.  It is frustrating to have to do technical things on the computers and not being technical savvy.

It was so humid on Wednesday that there was a mist in the air that occasionally caused droplets of water to form and fall. It had to close to 100% humidity. We were told about this when we arrived last year but hadn't experienced it yet.

We had a wonderful opportunity on Thursday and Friday to do some training with three wonderful family history consultants from Bangkok, Thailand.
Seated left to right are: Sister Petchfa, Sister June, and Sister Wanee, Sister Harrington, and Elder Harrington. Sister June served a mission in her home country and Sister Wanee served atAfter  the Family History Library in  Salt Lake City. We treated them to lunch at Divnos.

Tom accompanied the Victoria 2 Branch to the temple to do baptisms and confirmations. After the Filippina sisters went home we did our regular Thursday night shift at the temple.

Garnalee presented at Sisters' Institute on Friday. The discussion was President Eyring's talk from the Priesthood session. Tom made bookmarks in Chinese calligraphy for the sisters that said, "We Are All Enlisted."

Saturday was our P-Day so we decided to go see "White House Down." It is a good action movie that we enjoyed. After the movie we came home to do our weekly chores. Tom does the vacuuming and washes the dishes. Garnalee does the cooking, baking, laundering, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, baking bread, and preparing for her weekly Sunday School lesson. He has decided that he has the better end of the marriage.

After church on Sunday Tom went to the Island 1 Branch. Elder Heaps called and said there was a visitor from Ecuador and he needed a translator. HoManTin is about an hour away from Wan Chai but he made the trip anyway. Through the use of a translator (Tom) it was discovered that the couple is LDS. They are just visiting Hong Kong for a few days and then are off to South Korea.

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