Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week 52--August 12-18, 2013

We past our one year mark this week. The time has flown and by we are already starting to feel sad for the day we will leave Hong Kong. Twelve months ago we never thought we would be saying that. However we are forward looking to seeing family and friends.

Tom has started another knitting project, it is a woman's vest. Sister Dodson gave him the pattern.

We spent three hours on a conference call Tuesday with Steve Tsai setting the 2014 budgets for each of the countries that we are in the Asia Area. Tom has been overseeing and approving the travel for each of the missionary couples in the other countries. His insight was very valuable.

In the evening we did a Family History presentation for the Institute  Young Single Adult group. They were to have August off but didn't want to stop coming so mini workshops are being held this month. They had been to the temple last month and performed baptisms for the dead. They decided it would mean more if they were doing their own ancestors so they requested some training on Family Tree.

We got up Wednesday morning and there was a T8 storm warning which means we didn't go to the office. Typoon Utor passed about 250 kilometers west of Homg Kong. We had lots of rain and high winds. The wind was blowing the curtains of wind sideways.

Thursday morning we were still under a T3 but we were able to go to work. We visited with the Moulders about our trip to East Malaysia that we will do in December. We were encouraged to travel there by President Wilson and Steve Tsai. We will attend the Youth Conference that is being held in Kuching, Malaysia, and then visit each of the cities where we have a family history computer. The Moulders requested that we some training on how a family history center should be run. We will need to prepare some materials. We will also try to do some firesides.

At the temple that evening Tom met a couple from from Wyoming who are on an around- the-world tour. They had spent a month in Russia and will be leaving tomorrow for Beijing.

We were asked to speak in the Victoria 2 Branch, often referred to as the Everyday Branch, again this week. We didn't speak on Wednesday because of the typoon, but we did speak on Thursday and Friday.

We spent all of Friday morning trying to get the new computer in the Wan Chai Family History Center up and going. It was working but something happened and Windows wouldn't load. We decided we needed a new imaging disc that we will have to download. We discovered that that process takes about four days.

We had Elders Castleton and Frandsen over for dinner since their wives are touring Beyond 5 and won't be home until Monday. They are a new boy band who have just launched their career. Flu r of the boys are LDS. The Area Presidency wanted a band who performs uplifting positive music for the youth of Asia to be exposed to. All of their performances have been free but tickets have been issued to control the size of the crowds. Their performances have been well received by the youth of Asia.

Saturday was a day to relax at home. We cleaned the apartment, did the ironing, and made bread. In the evening Garnalee had a family history presentation to give to the Victoria 2 Relief Society. After the presentation we went to dinner with the Bertins at a Vietnamese restaurant. We had a beef curry dish; beef, chicken, and shrimp kebabs; a rice paper wrap; a rice dish with a pork chop; shrimp crackers; and Vietnamese tomato soup. It was all very good. After dinner we ended up at the Bertins for homemade lemon meringue pie and Garnalee answered a few Family Tree questions.

The favorite dish was the kebabs.
 Vietnamese tomato soup
Rice (this not regular rice) with pork chop and fritata.
Beef curry dish

Tom discovered that the Vietnamese dinner and pie weighs four pounds. The Sunday School lesson was on "The Prisoners Shall Go Free" and doing baptisms for the dead. I had Tom come to my class and he shared how spiritual it was to do the work for his parents. 

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