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Indonesia Part Duah (2) Jakarta--November 26-December 2, 2012

 This little vehicle is called a bajai, which we rode in a couple of times in Jakarta. It was easier to get around in and the drivers knew the streets better than the taxi drivers.  We had bad luck with the taxi drivers in Jakarta both times we used them. When we went to the airport the driver took us to the wrong terminal but we don't know that until after we had several phone calls back forth with the Knorpps (the family history couple in Indonesia.)
 Our arrival at the Jakarta, Indonesia airport.
This is a couple of women and their children we passed as we were walking from our hotel to the mission home in Jakarta. They are all so adorable!

 We visited a large park called Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which is a culture-based recreation area. The park has an area depicting each of the 26 provinces which have very different clothing, architecture, dances, and traditions from each other. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Jakarta. There were several church display (Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, and Hindu) but they were all closed. We decided a Mormon church display manned with missionary guide would be a great boon. We saw a wonderful film about Indonesia in IMAX at Taman Mini.
The Muslims are called to prayer five times a day when the drum sounds and there is also chanting that goes along with the sounding of the drum.
One of the areas we visited was for the Batak tribe which is located in extreme west part of the island of Sumatra.
We didn't see a lot of flowers but here is one.
 This building was a representation of the Batak people of Indonesia.

 After our day at Taman Mini we returned to the mission home where we had a wonderful dinner with some of the other senior couples in Indonesia. The guys all help wash and wipe the dishes.
The senior missionary couples of Indonesia we had the opportunity to spend some time with and attend their conference. We had the opportunity to share with the missionaries about family history work in Asia.
 We visited the ruins of several Hindu and Buddhist temples. At one of the larger ones, Prambanan, we had to wear a sarong. Here is Tom in his sarong. Tom loved the style but he doesn't think it will catch on in the US.
 Temple called Sandi.
 Temple at Prambanan. This temple was built in 900 A.D. and is called the 1000 temples because there were that many temples within the compound. This larger temple here was surrounded by 250 smaller temples. In 1966 there was an earthquake that destroyed many of the temples. So today all that you see are the piles of rubble where the small temples were and the large temple in the middle surrounded by four smaller ones that have been restored.
A mosaic on the walls at the hotel we stayed in Jogjakarta where the senior missionary conference was held.

While in Indonesia we had the opportunity to help train the missionaries on using family history in there work with investigators and reactivation of members.  We hope to use the same training with the missionaries here in Hong Kong. We will present our plan to President Hawks, the mission president, on Friday.
We had the opportunity to speak in two Sacrament meetings about the blessings that come from doing family history work.
Our Thanksgiving turkey centerpiece.

 The table all laid out the Thanksgiving food. A wonderful meal was had by all.
Everyone enjoying the company and food at our Thanksgiving gathering on Saturday, November 24. We arrived from Indonesia just in time! We dropped off the suitcases, put in a load of wash, and caught the bus to the Wan Chai building for dinner.

On Sunday, November 25, we met with representatives of the four area stakes to discuss family history. Two of the stakes had the stake presidents in attendance.  We asked them to discuss options for the family history center in the basement of the temple.

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