Sunday, December 16, 2012

Helping Others--December 9-16, 2012

The highlight of the week!! This is a family and missionary couple from Mynamar. They had traveled to the Hong Kong temple to do their own work and the work for ancestors. He is the branch president in Yangon, Myanmar, and the first member of the church from that country to attend the temple. Many miracles happened for this couple to make it to  Hong Kong. The missionary and daughter arrived at the temple at the same we did and needed help inputting names. Garnalee was privileged to help in that process. Tom was also privileged to help with the baptisms.  
Santa (AKA Tom) posed for a picture with the missionaries, Elder Li and Smith) just prior to his visiting with the members of the Victoria 2 Branch. The two young elders are working on a missionary media project for the Asia Area.
Day 2 of Santa's visit to the Victoria 2 Branch. We were smart this time and had all the girls gather round for a picture. Tom had a great time posing as Santa Claus and passing out bags of candy. He really hammed it up by pretending to receive a call from the weather elf giving him an update on the Christmas Eve weather forecast.
 This roasted pig was part of the dinner that was provided for all the temple workers at the Hong Kong Temple. The dinner followed a Christmas devotional with Elder and Sister Watson as the speakers. They spoke on remembering the real meaning of Christmas.
 Santa Claus is big business in Hong Kong.
 After our Temple workers devotional and dinner we went over to a large mall called Festival Walk. This tree sits in the center of the mall and is 30-40 tall. At the time we took the picture the lights were blue but we soon discovered that they changed from blue to red to green to white.

Welcome to Sugar Plum Land.!!

We couldn't resist taking this picture of the Hong Kong temple at night.

Our conference call this week was to train the couple missionaries on the use of In-Site, a powerful program for storage and sharing of documents--i.e. power point presentations, calendars, pictures. The idea being that when a missionary couple returns home there will be a store of translated resources for the  replacement couple. This program by one of our own senior missionaries, Sister Brenda Frandsen. All the information in this site is stored in a large computer bank in Salt Lake so the material will never be lost.

We went to see "The Hobbit." The movie was very good and we were glad we didn't go to the 3-D version.

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  1. I like the3rd picture. I taught and baptized Jester who is pictured on the right. It truly pleases me to see him doing well.