Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 77--February 3-9, 2014

We spent Monday, February 3, at Sai Kung. Sai Kung is a fishing village where the fisherman sell their catch off the boats.
 You can select fresh seafood at the restaurant  and have if prepared fresh. This lobster was big as Tom's arm/
The biggest crab Tom has ever seen.

 We went to Sai Kung during Chinese New Year. Lion dances were being performed in the town square by a number of teams. The lion on the left would circle around and around until his head was in the middle of his body and high above the rest of the body. Garnalee was able to get a close-up of the lion's head being carried by a member of the team.

 They start them out young learning to do the lion dance. Just like the Native American children in the Shoshone tribe near Blackfoot.

A sampan similar to the one we took a ride in around the islands off the coast of Sai Kung. We journeyed for an hour around the islands.

Tom riding in a sampan.

Natural caves in the hillside look like great pirate hangouts.
 A small boat could sail right into this cave.
 On one of the islands is the Sai Kung Golf Course, the only public golf course in Hong Kong. The only way to get to this course is by ferry. It costs about US$100 to golf here.
Many of the islands off the coast that make up the archipelago of Hong Kong.

Thursday was another one of our lasts. We attended our last temple session with the Area Presidency. It has been a great opportunity to hear the Area Presidency share their testimonies each month. It is customary for the departing couple to be the officiators at their last Area Presidency session, so Tom and Garnalee were the officiators that day.

Friday and Saturday was Assistant Area Auditors' training. Tom and Garnalee offered service by helping with the meals that were served and clean-up. The best part is they always seem to more than enough food for us to partake of the wonderful meals.

We learned that the Castletons, who were the area attorney, are going to Frankfurt, Germany. That will be exciting for them.

Sunday was our farewell in our branch. We spoke in Sacrament meeting. They have treated us with great love. We are going to miss the sisters and the branch. Several groups performed different acts for us. As usual the final song is "Till We Meet Again."

 Garnalee went around to each of the tables to capture a final picture of the wonderful sisters in the branch. They won't be important to anyone outside the branch but for us they will be a reminder of the wonderful friendships we developed while serving here in Hong Kong.

L to R--Sister Vilma, Sister Mia, Sister Ferliza, Sister TinTin, Sister Hedy, Sister Leonisa, Sister Sheila Mae.

L to R--Sister Gloria, Sister Lynn, Sister Nenita, Sister Maila, Sister Alanie, Sister Solema
L to R--Sister Suciati, Sister Mary Grace, Sister ____,  Sister Maida, Sister Mulagros, Sister Hazel, Sister Aurelia, Sister Zemonet
L to R--Sister Clarita,  Sister Nhor, Sister Rose, Sister Jill
L to R--Sister Nora, Sister Jessel, Sister Sandra, Brother Nick
 L to R--Sister Elim, Sister Racquel, Sister Perla, Sister Juanita
 Sister Rhea and Sister Celia
 The Huki-lau by Sister Nhor, Sister Joselyn, Sister Hedy
Sister Vilma, Sister Rhea, Sister Rowena, Sister Fredalyn
 Tom and Garnalee just before the group sang to us.
The group gathers to wish us their love.
 Perfectly delighted to be there. Lots of hugs were given all around.

Group photo
L to R--Sister Evangeline, Sister Norma, Sister Joselyn

The sisters prepared a very nice book with letters and photos for our anniversary that they presented to us. They also prepared a wonderful meal.

We learned today that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland will be here just before we go home. We will be able to attend a fireside where he will speak.

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