Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 74--January 13-19, 2014

Our devotional speaker on Monday told about our need for faith and trust in the Lord. He shared a story about a hiker who became disoriented in heavy fog and slipped and fell into a small tree. He prayed for help. A voice said in his mind,"Drop down from the tree." He didn't heed the prompting. Two days later, after the fog had lifted, his lifeless body was found by a rescue team only 10 feet from the ground. We need to listen and respond to the promptings.

We have discovered one of the good things about being in Asia is New Year's Resolutions. When you decide on your resolutions, start working on them on January 1, and you have faltered by January 2, you have a do over on Chinese New Year. Which this year begins on January 31.

We had our monthly meeting with Elder Wilson on Thursday. Last month we were asked to draft an article for the Liahona magazine on the Family History Area Initiatives for 2014. We have struggled with it all month and just didn't know what to write. On the ferry Garnalee received inspiration of what needed to be in the article. We are going to start the article by mentioning the promised blessings that come by doing family history work and then mention ways to achieve each of the three initiatives. So as we were asked about the article we were able to share our thoughts and let Elder Wilson know that we were going to do the article in the afternoon. With that guidance from the Holy Ghost the article came together very quickly.

Tom has been working on the travel budget reconciliations for December 2013. He has an entry on the Malaysia budget that he isn't sure about. He needs to do some further research.

 Joyce and her son Joseph have been the custodians at the Church Office Building. They are leaving and we are gong to miss their friendly smiles each morning as we arrive at the building. A farewell party was given in their honor on Friday.
Saturday we went to an area called Discovery Bay with several of the other senior couples for lunch. We rode the across to Lantau Island. We had lunch at ¡Camraba! Love the Mexican food there. We sat on the patio under the sun and ate our food. We then walked along the Promenade by this beautiful beach. Many expats live at Discovery Bay.
A sailboat on the water in the bay.
 When arrived back at the ferry terminal we walked over to the Maritime Museum and spent three hours going through the exhibits. One of the ferry terminals has been converted into the museum. On the second floor of the museum are observation windows were one can see the harbor.

All of these pictures were taken from the the observation windows. We never tire of the Hong Kong skyline.

 A pagoda ferry on the water.
The ICC Building, the tallest building in Hong Kong.

Tom loves to conduct Sacrament meeting because he gets to look into the smiling faces of the Filipina sisters. He had that opportunity today as he filled in for Elder Lasson who was gone to another meeting.  

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