Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another week in Hong Kong--November 5-11, 2012

As we attended the Hong Kong Temple Thursday evening the light was perfect for a picture. There was a group from Mongolia attending the temple. We saw the Richardsons who we meet when we traveled to Mongolia a few weeks ago. We had pizza at Piasano's Pizza where they make 24 inch pizzas but they sell it by the slice for $40 HK which is a little more than $5 US. tom complained that he could get a whole pizza in Blackfoot for $5.  I have to remind him that we aren't in Oz (Blackfoot) any more.

We called all the kids on Monday morning. It is good to visit with them and to see how they are doing. We didn't get to talk to Wendy but left a message for her.  We finalized our plans to go to Indonesia on Tuesday, November 13. We were asked to stay a couple of extra days and speak at the Indonesia Senior Couple Conference. We are having lots of opportunities to speak.

We received training on the Family Tree which is replacing New Family Search. There are many features that will make it a better program for storing family history. As with all new programs, there are still some glitches to be worked out.

We watched the presidential election closely and were not surprised that Obama won re-election. Our house was divided as to the vote.

We have new Family History couples arriving in India and Singapore in the next few months so it appears that we may traveling to those countries.

We went to see the James Bond movie Skyfall. A pretty good movie. We had a lunch of Indian food which was very tasty.

We had District Conference this weekend. The Saturday evening talks focused on discipleship of the Savior. One of the speakers shared a story that Tom is going to use in his Grandpa's Pearls that he is writing. The Sunday morning talks focused on following the promptings of the Holy Ghost and acting on those promptings. After the session there was training for the Young Men, Young Women, Primary, and Relief Society. There was also a session for family history in which Tom and Garnalee had been asked to do the presentation.

With Thanksgiving coming, we would like to encourage each of you to take 10 or 15 minutes to reflect on all of the things you are grateful for. As you reflect make a list on the computer or paper to keep and look at often so as trials and challenges come you will be reminded of all that you have been given.

We have checked on the Blackfoot Bronco football team periodically and have found out that they are playing for the State 4A Championship on Friday. Go Broncos!!!

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